About Us

In Peruways we aim to please our customers with the best transport service in southern Peru. We take pride in providing you with the fastest and reliable road transport service to ease your traveling journey.
We have partnered with the largest minivan service to let you enjoy a fantastic and less tiring traveling experience. With more than a decade’s experience, our drivers are equipped with the expertise that is required to drive on the featured routes.

Our Commitments

  • Provide the best service to our customers
  • Preserve and care of the environment in the areas we operate
  • Improved our services as much as possible following our customer recommendations
  • Prevent incidents/issues related to our activities
  • Make your travel pleasant


Book the fastest and most reliable way to reach Ollantaytambo or Machu Picchu from Cusco for exploring the true magic of these destinations. Get an opportunity to do a Mini Caminos Del Inca to the Inca City when travelling directly from Cusco.

With Peruways you can also travel from Puno to Titicaca Lake which is one of the biggest lakes in the world.

No matter if you’re a backpacker or an avid traveller, we have it all covered for you here.