When we hear “State of Emergency” automatically some people, because of the nature of the words, will think on an apocalyptic scenario or “martial law” as it has been seen on social medias. However it is important to understand that people on social medias are simple people posting personal comments without having basic knowlege of the matter.
First of all we suggest not to panic, stop listen people spreading inaccurate information and understand what is an “state of emergency” before changing your plans and put in panic other visitors.
Estado de emergencia (in Spanish) in the United States is called “National Emergency” and it is a simple situation « in which a government is empowered to be able to put policies that it would normally not be permitted to do for the safety and protection of its citizens. Government can declare such state during natural disasters, civils unrest, medical pandemic… »
Many countries used that “state” during the covid pandemic. Peru was under national emergency or “state of emergency” for 2 years until 3 months ago due to covid. Many visitors probably booked their trip to Peru while the country was still on it s old “state of emergency”
Even the United State renewed their national emergency (due to covid) earlier this year.
We strongly suggest visitors coming to Peru to stop listen people on social networks that do not have the basic knowlege on law and the real situation in Peru.
Peru is safer than many other places in the word, including some states in the United States were the sales of weapon are opened to everybody. The impressive images that could be seen on medias are isolated acts and they were no happen everywhere in Peru.
Peru is a country with more than 30 millions of inhabitants and disturbances happened in isolated areas.
Exactly as the violent acts in the capitol in the United states did not affect the rest of the country and did not mean that the whole country was in a civil war, it is the same in Peru.
Additionally the country is going back to normal with airport working as before and train to Machu Picchu staring to work as normal.
Enjoy your trip to Peru!