eruways offers various train classes, each with its unique features, providing travelers with options to suit their preferences and budget. Let’s delve into the comparison of Machu Picchu train classes offered by Peruways:

**1. Vistadome:

  • Scenic Views: Vistadome is renowned for its panoramic windows, offering passengers stunning views of the Andean landscapes throughout the journey.
  • Comfortable Seating: The train provides spacious and comfortable seating, ensuring a relaxed travel experience.
  • Culinary Delights: Passengers can savor delicious Andean snacks and beverages, immersing themselves in the local flavors.

**2. Expedition:

  • Affordable Option: Expedition is a budget-friendly option, making it ideal for travelers seeking a cost-effective yet comfortable journey.
  • Comfortable Seating: Despite being a more economical choice, Expedition provides comfortable seating and large windows for scenic views.
  • Onboard Entertainment: The train often features onboard entertainment, adding a touch of amusement to the travel experience.

**3. Belmond Hiram Bingham:

  • Luxurious Experience: Belmond Hiram Bingham offers a luxurious and sophisticated travel experience, catering to those seeking the epitome of comfort.
  • Gourmet Dining: Passengers can indulge in exquisite gourmet dining, with meals prepared by talented chefs onboard.
  • Exclusive Lounge Access: Travelers enjoy access to exclusive lounges, enhancing the overall experience from start to finish

**4. Inca Rail First Class:

  • Premium Amenities: Inca Rail First Class provides premium amenities, including spacious seats, large windows, and personalized service.
  • Gourmet Snacks: Passengers can enjoy gourmet snacks and a selection of beverages during the journey.
  • Priority Boarding: First Class passengers often benefit from priority boarding, ensuring a seamless and efficient start to their Machu Picchu adventure.

How to Choose:
Selecting the right train class depends on your preferences, budget, and the level of luxury you desire during your journey to Machu Picchu. Whether you opt for the panoramic views of Vistadome, the affordability of Expedition, the opulence of Belmond Hiram Bingham, or the premium amenities of Inca Rail First Class, Peruways ensures a memorable and enchanting trip to the ancient Inca citadel.

Visit the Peruways website to explore more details about each train class and make an informed decision based on your travel needs. Whichever class you choose, Peruways guarantees a remarkable journey to Machu Picchu, blending comfort, adventure, and the awe-inspiring beauty of the Andean landscapes.